martedì 22 febbraio 2011

Back to school feeling

Due to the fall of the calendar and the lengthy closure of my office, I have been able to enjoy the longest festive break since leaving university.
Now, I find myself on the eve of returning back to work and I have to confess to having that back to school feeling. That odd mixture of reluctance on the one hand and an eagerness to fall back into some notion of routine on the other. This feeling has only been enhanced by the delivery of a late Christmas present from Ally Capellino. Instead of having to hunt the high street for the backpack that would hopefully attract envious glances from my friends as well as interest from the opposite sex (this boy had an odd thought process), the bag that would do just that was gift wrapped in the post. Life is full of surprises.

If only I had Alisdair on my back when I was at school instead of those head scratching-ly small and practically useless Nike drawstring abominations that were so popular during my youth. Perhaps this beauty would have persuaded Kelly Hurst to go out with me to the cinema and who knows, I could have settled in my home town and become a teenage dad to a whole flock of unruly children...on seconds perhaps it was a fortunate escape. Alistair is a heady mix of Harris Tweed and Italian leather. Now, if you've been reading this blog for any significant amount of time, you will know how deep my love is for Harris Tweed. The story of Harris Tweed is one of a remote island community that lies between the Highlands of Scotland on the north west tip of Europe and the North Atlantic Ocean. I have lusted over this truly unique fabric for some time but back in November I was invited up to see the evolution and craft of the textile right before my very eyes. Ever since I left the island I have been keen to showcase the use of the fabric in all of its forms. From an intriguing collaboration with High Street heavyweight Topman to its continued use by the much coveted British designer, Nigel Cabourn. It is great to the see trademark Orb used by the likes of Ally Capellino.
During my Thirty years of Ally Capellino post I remarked that I'd happily sell an unnecessary body part in order to own one of its timeless, but never dull accessories. Thankfully all of my body parts, however unnecessary are still present and correct. Each piece is made from beautiful durable leathers and fabrics that only improve with age and boy do I want to grow old with this present.

Its classic design includes a drawstring opening, tuck tight closure and bridle leather buckles. As with all great menswear, the beauty is in the details. It has a sturdy leather base, chunky stitching detail and thick adjustable leather straps. Other features include a useful zip pocket on the side of the bag, and a zip pocket in its racing green lining. Lets take a closer look...

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