lunedì 28 marzo 2011

Oxide Bags The Rugged Style by Il Riccio

"A new look for our leather ideas, vegetable tanned, washed, rusted beautiful leather sculptures created by M&N inspiration" this description from their website
Michele e Nicola Rossi Bros. (Owner of Il Riccio Brand) create manually all their bags with full italian vegetable tanned leather: horse , calf, buffalo.
Soft bags models and rusted metal accessories for a very interesting creative line.
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Tk Garment Supply Striped Weekender Bag

Fukui, Japan based designers TK Garment Supply, show us their take on the classic weekender bag. All their pieces are made of recycled materials that are handpicked from all over the world. The “Striped Weekender” offers a “navy and white vertical stripes, two short leather handles, a removable tan cotton shoulder strap, and rusted hardware.” Recycled fabrics are becoming very popular in men’s accessories today. A relief from all the solid colored totes and bags out in the market today. Available at AmericanRag.

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Recluse Straight Razor

Damn, this looks good. Boston’s own Recluse, more known for their work in the bicycle world, moves into new territory with their metalsmith work. This straight razor is a helluva way to get things going. Dana DiPlacido is the designer. He’s currently still at Mass College of Art working towards a BFA in jewelry and metalsmith. The images tell is all. Simply beautiful and elegant. Is it for sale? We hope so. Our our Aaron Panone turned us onto this one…
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Patrik Ervell Shortened Mao Coat

New York based designer,Patrik Ervell, a started his line in 2005 and has received lots of attention in the last few seasons. Trained at Parsons School of Design, Ervell has brought modernism with a classic sense to his collection. The “Shortened Mao Coat” is made of 100% wax canvas cotton.

venerdì 25 marzo 2011

Bel & Bel Vespa Seats

We’ll assume that these Vespa Seats from Bel & Bel made from dead Vespas rather than old frames that could be restored (I just feel better thinking that). These limited edition seats use old frames to form something new from the classic Piaggio forms. The ergonomic Vespa chairs feature a hydraulic height adjuster. I would take one for the office.

giovedì 24 marzo 2011

Wm. J. Mills & Co. Sail Tote Bag for Rugby

Rugby is stocking this sail tote bag from the Wm. J. Mills & Co. “Large tote with pieced genuine sail construction. Rope straps covered with cotton canvas at the handles for a solid grip.” Respect to Greenpoint, NY. Haven’t visited you in some time, but I have fond memories.

United Arrows Camo Mocassins

These work. Japan’s United Arrows delivers some Italo-made driving mocassins for the masses. I would prefer to wear these than the normal stash found in the U.S.A. Whatever the hell we have to do to bring these Stateside… please.

lunedì 21 marzo 2011

Vanhulsteijn Bicycles

Strong reactions can yield new businesses. Take Holland’ Vanhulsteijn. Founded seven  years ago as a design studio with the focus on interior design, the firm is now outputting this wonderfully shaped bike.

venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Alden for Blackbird Saddle Shoes

Blackbird continue their custom make ups with Alden with these saddle shoes. It’s out in a few makeups and just looks sharp. The whole buy less buy better thing definitely applies to shoes, which is a beaten horse at this point. But Alden make great shoes and you won’t regret not taking your partner out for a few nights.

mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

IWC 2011 Portofino Watch Collection

Here’s a look at the new collection of ”Portofino”watches from the IWC house. IWC considers the family of watches as their gateway into the brand. The new collection for 2011 consists of four new models: Portofino Automatic, Chronograph, Dual Time, and the Hand-Wound Eight Days. Each offers a styling a personality that is all IWC. Let us know which you prefer.

Walnut Studiolo 6 Pack Frame Holster

Disclaimer: no drinking and riding. Never. But, if you need something to hold that six pack on your ride back from the bodega, hit up Walnut Studiolo for this “6 Pack” Frame Holster. The holster was originally designed to hold a polo mallet, but as you can see, it works for this use as well. Find it on etsy.

domenica 13 marzo 2011

Sartorial Sounds

Street Etiquette-Sartorial Sounds from LightUp Film on Vimeo.

Sartorial Sounds integrates both music and style, two elements embedded in every culture past and present. We think it’s important to remember that everyone is an artist in their own right.

Hamilton Brown shoe wear catalog from 1910

I loved this Hamilton Brown shoe wear catalog from 1910. Men's shoes were so different back then - rather feminine in some cases.
In fact, when preparing this post there were some that I had a hard time determining men's vs. women's. And I also love the random useful info included like first aid and baby names. More images to follow next week.

venerdì 11 marzo 2011

The Bag - part 1

Gone are the days when a man carrying a bag stereotyped metrosexuality—if there even is such a thing anymore—and the usage of the term manbag—that, surprisingly, still hasn't made it's way into Webster. Today, it's the norm. And why shouldn't it be?

Kudu, will do now that I have my boots

After interviewing Lodger's Nathan Brown back in September my imagination was overwhelmed following his description of his September shoe of the month, the Kudu Brogued Boot. From this moment on I have been day dreaming about them gracing my feet during the coming winter months and beyond. When the Clifford Street store released the first images of the boot I fell head over bootless heels.

giovedì 10 marzo 2011

NON SOLO UOMO - Più lei è emancipata, più la borsa è grande

Grace Kelly indossa la borsa "Kelly" di Hermes - Foto: Ansa

Proiezione di sè, casa, universo personale, intimo e segreto, grande amore: la borsetta è il simbolo del ruolo della donna nella società per il sociologo francese Jean-Claude Kaufmann, direttore al Centro nazionale della ricerca scientifica (Cnrs), autore del saggio "La borsa", appena uscito in Francia.

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

AVEQUS - イタリアはトスカーナ地方の伝統的なBAGが入荷。

( what's a AVEQUS ?? )

from.....   URBAN RESERACH Japanese Fashion Blog

若き職人兄弟が作り出す本格派オーダーメイド工房il Riccioの姉妹ブランドとして誕生したトスカーナ伝統の革文化にインスパイアされたどこか懐かしいイタリアブランドです。

AVEQUS とは、イタリア古代文明エトルリアの古語で「馬」を意味する言葉。トスカーナ伝統文化に愛着を持って作られたバックです。

この牛革ボディーバック は大人仕様の普段使いにオススメです。。。。


女の子が持ってもいいですね~~。 かわいいですよ。。。。。

リリースするや人気があり女性、男性問わず皆様見て行きます。  どっちかと言うと個人的には女の子にこんなBAG持ってもらいたいですね。



mercoledì 2 marzo 2011

Menswear Installations AW11: Baartmans and Siegel

For me, nothing represents the diversity of menswear design talent quite like the NEWGEN MEN and Fashion East Menswear installations. I excitedly bounced from room to room in the wings of Somerset House uncovering the beautiful alongside the wonderful and even the unusual, it was discovery at every turn. I did however encounter a few familiar faces and designs. One of the most welcome sights was Baartmans & Siegel's strong presence in a room of much design delight.

Tim Soar AW11 Him/She

During a day that saw me ricochet from Somerset House to the Royal Opera House and back again multiple times, the opportunity to stand still and admire was greatly appreciated. One such opportunity was afforded by Tim Soar's presentation in the Navy Board Rooms. Here, weary menswear folk gathered with a glass of champagne to gleefully toast the continued rise of the designer whilst admiring his collection of androgyny grounded in menswear.

Mr Hare AW11 Idolescents

As you should all know by now Mr Hare, the brand not the man, was conceived at a roadside tapas bar in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Andalucia, Spain on July 23rd 2008.