venerdì 11 marzo 2011

The Bag - part 1

Gone are the days when a man carrying a bag stereotyped metrosexuality—if there even is such a thing anymore—and the usage of the term manbag—that, surprisingly, still hasn't made it's way into Webster. Today, it's the norm. And why shouldn't it be?

We men are carrying around a lot of baggage these days; we have a lot on and in our hands. Let's see, on any given weekday there's the iPad, iPod, MacBook and BlackBerry (sometimes two), Moleskine, wallet, a pen and business cards, keys, Naked Juice smoothie and maybe a mid-day snack, and perhaps gym clothes if you're that way inclined. And during spring, you can add an umbrella or trench coat to that long list. So is there any real wonder that men far and wide are carrying bags? We're recommending this chic array of large, handsome bags from favorite affordable retailer Zara.
Right, Counter Clockwise:
The Every-Day Bag — Subtle in design, this multi-pocketed, multi-purpose Zip-up Shopper is a simple, very guy-friendly contribution to your workday. Or any day, for that matter.
The Overnighter — We've all done the walk of shame. This Bowling Bag makes it a little less trashy. Understated and luxurious, it's simple but perfect.
From Bottom, Up:
The Sporty Factor — Incredibly light, this tough Canvas Shopper option is perfect for casual pursuits, whether being of the outdoor variety or to the gym.
The Weekender — This 2-Buckle holdall couldn't be more essential for weekends in the countryside or spring retreats on the East Coast. It holds quite well for weekend work trips, too.

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Unknown ha detto...

Sorry, I can't speak Italian. Wonderful looking bags! I can imagine how great they feel to the touch!

Unknown ha detto...

Yes for sure i prepare a new men's bag to share thanks for comment