domenica 17 marzo 2013

No Mass Production Workshop by Il Riccio

Leather is the main material used by Nicola and Michele, two fashion stylists, to express their creativeness.
Thanks to their long-standing experience in model design, they create leather goods where traditional Tuscan handicrafts joins with functionality and innovative concepts.

"Il Riccio" uses carefully selected calf leathers tanned with vegetable essences extracted from plants and barks according to the old Tuscan tanning secrets. This material is perfect to create leather items which, with their simplicity and linearity of the forms, evoke the elegance of '900 century travellers as well as the Tuscan country world made of boots, saddles and bags.

The handmade and slow-time concepts are at the basis of our idea of production: slow tanned leather, slow manual operations, accuracy and quality control lead us far away from contemporary idea of mass-production.

"Il Riccio's" Brand takes its name from the little animal, known as "porcupine" in English, which characterizes the Maremman scrub. In Italian "riccio" means also "a curly-haired man" and curly hair has characterized Our physical appearance throughout Our life.

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